WordCamp Vancouver 2015

Welcome to the new site for WordCamp Vancouver 2015, our conference that focuses on everything WordPress! Unlike last year’s developer-centric event, this year will be more general: any and all things WordPress-related.

It will take place at BCIT downtown on Saturday, August 15th, 2015.

Sponsors: In order to be able to fund WordCamp Vancouver, we need the community’s help. If you’re a WordPress-based business, use WordPress, or just love WordPress, please consider sponsoring WordCamp.

Speakers: What good would WordCamp be without great presentations? If you’re interested in speaking, please apply on our speaker page.

Volunteers: We need day-of volunteers to help out with all sorts of things; the event just wouldn’t be possible without some friendly faces to give us a little help. Take a look at our volunteering page.

Stay tuned, everyone! More info will be coming soon. If you’d like to get updates as we make them available, please subscribe in the sidebar on the left.

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6 thoughts on “WordCamp Vancouver 2015”

  1. HI there, I am really hoping that this wordcamp is going ahead as I would like to schedule a trip out there at the same time (I am in Ontario). Do you have any idea what the dates are goig to be or if it is going to run for sure so I can plan my trip?

    1. Hi Marijo,

      I replied to you privately, and it just occurred to me that others may have the same question so I should post it here, too.

      It’ll be great to have you here. We hope to have the event and the
      dates confirmed within a couple of weeks. If you haven’t already, if
      you subscribe to the email updates in the sidebar of this website you’ll receive the latest news.

      1. I to am looking to attend, and would like to start making arrangements. I noticed that it says Saturday August 15th on the left-hand sidebar.

        Would that happen to be the correct date, or just a proposed target date?

          1. Ok, awesome. I was just unsure as within the main body text it states “The exact date and location will be announced soon. It will likely be around mid to late August.”

            Thank You!

          2. You’re right, it does. New post with official announcement should be out probably this week.

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