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Jeremy Felt

Jeremy is a senior WordPress engineer with University Communications at Washington State University, where he helps power the web on an open source, multisite platform.

He describes himself as an Open Source Student. Is a WordPress guest committer. Maintainer of VVV. Thankful community member of all the above. And a homebrewer and enjoyer of excellent brews.

Kirsten Starcher

Kirsten Starcher is an independent contractor at outside in the sun productions (http://www.outsideinthesun.com). She began her online career in New York during the dot-com boom, and since then has been involved in just about every aspect of web design, development, and content creation, plus a short diversion playing bass in a touring rock band. Over the past five years her appreciation for WordPress and its community has grown steadily, and she has surprised herself discovering how much she enjoys front-end web development.

Richard Tape

Rich is the WordPress developer for the University of British Columbia in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Originally from Manchester, England he moved to Canada in April 2013 and regards doing so as the best decision he’s ever made. WordPress’ing professionally since 2008, he’s serious about semantic, forward-thinking code and, of course, bacon.

Katya Boudjelloud

Katya Boudjelloud, Bi-Lingual Digital Brand Architect, best selling
author of “Make Your Own WordPress Website From Scratch”  available in
Amazon stores Worldwide.

Born and raised in France, she left for London where she graduated and worked as a designer for more than 10 years in various industries including Television, Web Software and Market Trends. Her client collaborations include CNBC, BBC, TV5, BARCLAYS, BP, ARAMARK, PWC and many more.

Now based in Vancouver, Katya uses her experience to build and guide digital brands, making sure they remain strong and consistent through time. With her broadcast and motion graphics expertise, Katya’s brands are always dynamic and engaging. A regular speaker for various entrepreneurship organizations across Canada, Katya presents to audiences in both English and french.

She also organizes hands-on workshops, teaching how to build websites using Content Management Systems, and the importance of branding from a business perspective.

Stephanie Hobson

Heya, I’m Stephanie. I like to make websites everyone can use. I’ve been coding since 1998 for websites as large as bcit.ca, and as popular as careers.mozilla.org. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript have always been my passion so my interests naturally extend to web standards, progressive enhancement, performance, analytics, and accessibility. I’m a specialist in my current position and have been a generalist in the past (but I don’t put my Visual Basic experience on my resume, for fear that someone will ask me to write some more).

Reid Peifer

Reid Peifer is a co-owner of Modern Tribe, a ridiculously awesome fully distributed digital agency specializing in enterprise WordPress projects. He’s designed, coded, and managed websites of all imaginable makes and sizes, and a thriving premium plugin business (Events Calendar Pro) all on top of WordPress. In his free time he’s a giant coffee snob, runs long distances very slowly, is dad to two small humans, and husband to a nice lady.

Rami Sayar

Rami Sayar is a technologist passionate about the intersection of art, design and the web. For the past 5 years, he has been experimenting with the bleeding edge of emerging technologies, determined to find use for them in everyday life. In his current role as a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft Canada in Montreal, Rami covers technical areas such as open source technologies, open data, and cloud computing, as well as growth hacking and marketing. He is a frequent international speaker and has spoken at prestigious conferences such as FITC, ConFoo, DroidCon, CUSEC, KWS and TEDx at HEC Montreal. Rami is prevented from sleeping by his curiosity for experimentation, his insistence on shipping high quality code and helping startups survive the grind.

Nathan Shubert-Harbison

I’m a web developer, designer and musician living in Vancouver, originally from Victoria, BC. I started developing websites 17 years ago at 13 when I first taught myself html and haven’t really stopped since. I started building WordPress sites 7 or 8 years ago primarily for musicians as a freelancer. I continued to work as a freelance developer during music school and full time after that. I later did a stint at Haig Armen’s LiFT Studios, and have been working as a developer with Domain7 for the past 3.5 years. At Domain7 I work on a wide variety of projects but look forward to developing WordPress projects for our clients, and am the principle maintainer of our WordPress boilerplates.

Michael Schroder

Mike Schroder, known as Shredder to many, is a cross-cultural kid, coffee-drinking sailor, and lover of Open Source. He currently works as WordPress Platform Lead at DreamHost and contributes to WordPress core and community projects. You can find him blogging on geeky things at http://getsource.net

Mandi Wise

I’ve been working with WordPress for the last six years and today I’m
the Lead Instructor for Web Development and Head of Curriculum at RED Academy. I also own a company called Adventure & Art Interactive
where I do custom WordPress plugin and theme development.

Luiza Libardi

Multilingual journalist passionate about web design. Born in Brazil and living in Vancouver. Recent graduate from BCIT New Media Design & Web Development program. Front-end Web Developer and Social Media Manager at Numinix.com.

Kelli Wise

Kelli Wise has been creating websites for small businesses using WordPress since 2010 at her company Pint Sized Sites. She loves CSS and WordPress and was a tech support moderator for Headway Themes. She blogs on technology and web topics at Massage Therapy World helping the massage therapy profession embrace online marketing and technology.

Kathryn Presner

Kathryn Presner thrives on helping people get the most out of WordPress. After a career designing and building websites for clients, she joined Automattic as a Happiness Engineer in 2012. She’s currently Theme Whisperer on the Theme Team, where she helps folks with customization, configuration, and troubleshooting. She enjoys spreading her passion for WordPress and encouraging new public speakers at WordCamps, Girl Geeks, Ladies Learning Code, and other grassroots events. Non-WordPress obsessions include vintage Pyrex mixing bowls and growing garlic.

Kalen Johnson

My name’s Kalen, I’ve been working with WordPress for years, and build all types of sites for all types of clients. WordPress has helped me grow as a web developer and programmer, and I like to contribute back to the community where I can.

Jordan Quintal

I am a 10 year New Media veteran. I own and operate GeniusMedia, and we have been in business for over 3 years now.We specialize in Web, Website, and WordPress development. I have been a speaker at a dozen WordCamps and Accessibility Camps across North America.

Jon Jennings

Jon Jennings is a freelance WordPress developer based in Vancouver. He’s been working with WordPress and PHP for half a dozen years. Outside of work he enjoys craft beer. These two statements may be related. He misses the days when he wrote Java.

John P. Gamboa

I’m John P. Gamboa. I’m a Enterprise Support Specialist at WP Engine in Austin, Texas. I lived in Singapore, South Korea and China for the better part of four years, where I worked as a technical editor, writer, teacher and developer. I was also a founding member and WordPress developer for Shanghai Beer Week, China’s first-ever craft beer week, where I learned (almost too much) about how Web censorship works in China.

Drew Jaynes

Hi, I’m Drew. I’m a WordPress docs committer and recently lead the 4.2 release cycle. I live and work in Denver as a Web Engineer at 10up, a distributed digital agency focused on making publishing and content management easy and fun. 10up currently donates half of my time to contributing back to WordPress core and the community.

Camille Block

I am an inspired web designer and developer, who loves working with WordPress. You’ll often find me trying out a neat concept of implementing colour, leading a discussion at a programming event, or even teaching HTML and CSS to high school kids.

Ben Martin

I have worked at Sucuri as a Security Analyst for the last 1.5 years. I work on our remediation and product support teams and help website owners clean their sites of malicious code and spam. I am passionate about infosec and online security/privacy issues and would love to contribute some knowledge/experience to the Vancouver WordPress community.

Andrew Woods

I’m Andrew Woods, a Seattle Web Developer that loves the web, music, and coffee and plays guitar. I’m an organizer for the Seattle PHP meetup.

Alycia Mitchell

For over five years, I’ve been an SEO specialist and Google Analytics geek. Now I’m the Senior Growth Hacker at Sucuri.net, an authority in WordPress security. Using content marketing, I research and optimize thousands of valuable pages for search engines and visitors. I love learning and am passionate about teaching best practices in the Wild West of technology.